Every year, countless individuals go missing, leaving behind worried families and friends. The process of locating a missing person can be complex and emotionally taxing. This is where professional missing persons and private investigators come into play.

A missing persons investigator, such as Rosewood Investigations, possesses the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to uncover the truth, including: finding the missing persons’ possible location, tracing birth parents, and bringing closure to those affected by disappearances.

Why Choose Rosewood Investigations?

When it comes to missing person investigations, Rosewood Investigations is the trusted name in the field. Based in Guildford, Surrey, we have a highly experienced team of private investigators who operate across the whole of the UK with a proven track record of successfully resolving missing persons investigations.

At Rosewood Investigations, we understand the emotional toll that missing person cases can take on family members, and our team is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective assistance, and a straightforward approach.

Our private investigators are equipped with cutting-edge technology and employ ethical and legal investigative methods to find missing persons. We also work closely with law enforcement officials, when necessary, to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our Missing Persons Investigator Services

At Rosewood Investigations, our private detectives extend beyond simply locating and tracing missing people, birth parents, families, and individuals. We offer clients a comprehensive range of assistance, including:

  • Locating Missing Individuals: Our primary focus is on finding missing persons, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their disappearance.
  • Finding Witnesses or Persons of Interest: We can track down potential witnesses or persons of interest who may have information related to the case.
  • Investigating Cold Cases: Our experts excel at revisiting unsolved cases, applying fresh perspectives, and utilising advanced investigative techniques to potentially uncover new leads.
  • Providing Expert Testimony in Court: Our highly experienced private investigators are qualified to provide expert testimony in court, bolstering legal efforts to bring those responsible to justice.

Our investigations are thorough, professional, and conducted with absolute sensitivity to the unique circumstances of each case to assure confidentiality.

Other Services We Offer

In addition to our missing persons and private investigator services, Rosewood Investigations provides a range of other investigative services tailored to our client’s unique situation and needs:

Personal Investigations

If you’re searching for a loved one who has disappeared, our missing people investigators are here to help. We employ advanced techniques and a network of resources in tracking vehicles, and tracing people, providing closure and peace of mind.

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Missing Persons Investigation Services
Covert Surveillance Investigator

Covert Investigations

Our covert investigations are discreet and confidential. Whether suspected infidelity, corporate espionage, or other covert activities, we use our expertise to uncover the truth while safeguarding your privacy.

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Fraud Investigation Services

Fraud can have devastating consequences, both personally and financially. Our fraud investigators are skilled in uncovering fraudulent activities, conducting investigations, gathering evidence, assisting with recovery, and providing evidence for legal action.

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fraud investigation services
Reliable Background Checking Services

Background Checking Services

Before entering into a personal, business relationship, or professional relationship, it’s essential to perform background checks and have a clear understanding of an individual’s background. Our background checks provide comprehensive information, ensuring knowledgeable decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no set date or timeframe for declaring someone missing. It is essential to report a person as missing as soon as their absence becomes a cause for concern. The sooner an investigation begins, the higher the person’s circumstances have a chance of a successful resolution.

The success of finding a missing person varies depending on the circumstances of the person and the investigation in each case. Our experienced investigators employ their skills and resources to maximise the likelihood of a positive outcome in cold cases. While we cannot guarantee success in finding missing persons in every case, our track record demonstrates our commitment to pursuing every lead.

We approach missing-person cases with empathy and professionalism. Our investigators conduct a thorough analysis, gather evidence, and work closely with our partners and law enforcement agencies if necessary. Our goal is to find the missing person and provide answers to the other family members and their loved ones while following ethical and legal standards throughout the process.

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